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What is Biomedical Engineering

A biomedical engineer uses traditional engineering expertise to analyze and solve problems in biology and medicine, providing an overall enhancement of health care. Students choose the biomedical engineering field to be of service to people, to partake of the excitement of working with living systems, and to apply advanced technology to the complex problems of medical care. The biomedical engineer works with other health care professionals including physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians. Biomedical engineers may be called upon in a wide range of capacities: to design instruments, devices, and software, to bring together knowledge from many technical sources to develop new procedures, or to conduct research needed to solve clinical problems.

"Roles for Learning Sciences and Learning Technologies in Biomedical Engineering Education: A Review of Recent Advances" Annu. Rev. Biomed. Eng. 2002

【Department of History】

‧ Master program of Medical Engineering was established in 1984.

‧ PhD program of Medical Engineering was established in 1991.

‧ Undergraduate program of Medical Engineering was established in 2009.

‧ Department was renamed to "Biomedical Engineering" in 2010.


Culturing a new generation of capable Biomedical Engineerers with interdiscplinary knowledge and skills for biomedical related professional fields.

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