Admissions Information

Admissions Information

Inst. of Biomedical Engineering

Phase І — Required Documentation (Weight of scores: 100%)

a. Application fee: No application fee

b. Declaration Form (MUST include applicant’s signature)

c. Two copies of Application Form (please download from the online application)

d. Autobiography (please TYPE in English OR Chinese)

e. Short essay writing (It will be related with your personal experience and TYPE in English OR Chinese; NO more than 1000 words)

f. Three Letters of Recommendation

g. Study and research plan ( please TYPE in English OR Chinese)

1. Purpose of study: delineating the reasons for studying in Taiwan
2. Plans of study: stating specific area of interest, and proposed subject of current or future research objectives
3. Anticipated results: stating how the intended study will help fulfill personal and scientific goals

h. One official copy of the highest-level diploma/certificate (or equivalent academic attainment) AND one original copy of transcripts issued by the institution(with translation to English or Chinese, if in other languages)

1. Master’s program applicants: Bachelor’s (or above) degree diploma/transcripts
2. PhD program applicants: Master’s (or above) degree diploma/transcripts
※NOTE: The graduation diploma/certificate of foreign educational institution and transcripts shall be subjected to validation by the R.O.C. (Taiwan) embassy /representative office (in applicant’s country) in accordance with requirements of the Ministry of Education, R.O.C.

i. Evidence of Language Proficiency

(1) English Proficiency: For international applicants whose native language is not English, TOEFL (a minimum score of 80 above on the IBT or 213 above on the CBT or 550 above on the PBT) or IELTS (above 6.5) is required, taken within the past five years. Other appropriate proofs of English proficiency provided by the R.O.C. embassies are also acceptable
(2) Chinese Proficiency: achieve TOP 5 of Chinese Proficiency Test (CPT)or other appropriate proofs of Chinese proficiency issued by Taiwanese University Chinese Centers.

j. Certificate of health status within 6 months, which must include test for HIV AND TB as required by the Department of Health, R.O.C.

※NOTE: Applicants who had ever suffered from Legal Infectious Disease stipulated by Center for Disease Control, R.O.C.(Taiwan) has to notice in the application form

k. Other supporting materials such as Volunteer Activities, Extracurricular Activities and Other evidence of scholarly achievements etc., please enclose the documentation with your application.(if available)

Phase II – Interview

Interview is not required.

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